Hiring Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make

Business owners are justifiably terrified about hiring the wrong person. Bad hires undermine team morale, are expensive and can kill your company. Most bad hires are not so obvious, but they are incredibly costly. There’s an opportunity cost when you continue to employ someone who isn’t working well with the team. At a Startup, the opportunity cost is often the difference between success and failure. How can you manage your fears so that you don’t end up with mediocre employees? Here are some the key insights:

Rushing Hiring Process

When possible, do the job yourself before hiring someone, to help you understand the skills necessary. Once you fully understand the job requirements, hire the right person, not the best person from among those who responded.

To hire the best person from among many, you need to read tons of resumes, do many phone interviews, and conduct at least five to 10 in-person interviews.  If you create standards that clearly define the right person for the job, you’ll know when you meet them, even if you’ve only interviewed one or two people.

Hiring the Best Candidate

One of biggest hiring mistakes is not paying attention to cultural fit. The smartest, most skilful people are not always the right people for the job. You can teach skills, but you cannot teach passion, a good work ethic and respect for the collaborative process. When you add a lone ranger to an efficient and collaborative group, you can undermine the entire team and the evolution of your company.

When interviewing, ask about the candidate’s most and least favourite projects. Compare the passion with which they describe each, the effort they brought to each project and the results they achieved. Highly effective employees will, naturally, be more passionate about projects they loved, but they’ll demonstrate a good deal of self-discipline talking about projects they did not like and what they did to achieve great results despite a lack of strong interest.

Not Fixing Mistakes Quickly

Most business owners are uncomfortable when they must fire an employee. But you do yourself and your team a disservice if you don’t act quickly when you realize you’ve made a mistake. A mediocre employee will not only cost you a lot of money, but can damage the rest of your team. The most compassionate act you can take when you realize you made a mistake is to be transparent and fix your mistake quickly.

Closely Monitoring Probation Period

We provide all the benefits to new joinee even if he is in his probation period. We clearly communicate with new joinee about our expectations in terms of performance. We give them all required resources to do the job properly at the same time assign deadlines.

Probation period is crucial as it identify problems that you never could have identified during a series of short interviews and reference calls. If the problems are significant, you can choose not to continue a full-time contract to that person. On the other hand, if a candidate is an exceptional fit, you can extend a full-time contract well before probation period.

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