Causes of Low Employee Morale

Most certainly, employee morale is one of the most important, but most difficult, things to manage in a company. It is vital to attain and maintain a high level of morale to improve retention, but it is often difficult to have an accurate idea on how you people are feeling and what are the causes of their dissatisfaction. This can be a serious concern for your business, as unhappy staff would lead to poor customer service, lower productivity levels and retention issues. Well, you can solve such problem easier by identifying the popular causes of low employee morale.

Lack of Growth

This is true at both the personal and the business level. If the business isn’t growing and there’s no movement or action, employees can become bored and demotivated. The research shows that employees need that growth to stay engaged, and if they don’t get it, they’ll start to become disengaged and eventually leave for a more challenging role.

Lack of Clarity

When employees don’t fully know what’s expected of them, or those expectations are misaligned, that leads to unnecessary stress and employees will lose morale. This is why it’s important to set clear goals with each member of your team and use monthly one-on-ones as a way to check in to see if there are any clarity issues.

Change in Leadership

Any type of change is hard to handle. If there was a recent merger, or a shakeup at the senior leadership level, that can easily lower morale as that confidence is shaken, the culture will likely change, and morale can take a hit. Change management is one of the hardest things an organization will have to go through, so it’s important to keep a close eye on morale throughout any major change.

Leadership Issues

More often than not, leadership issues are one of the biggest reasons for low morale. Leaders need to understand how their behavior is affecting the team. It’s tough for front-line managers that are stuck between their team and the senior leaders, but low morale can have such a dramatic effect on your team that it’s worth bringing up to senior leadership.

Third party looking at your organization is in better position to understand the most obvious and common reasons of employee dissatisfaction. There are certain company policies and procedures, which might be source of this dissatisfaction. In addition, employees are more willing to open up to the third party than company’s own representative on mentioned topic. To know more about how we can assist you in finding the most common reasons for employee dissatisfaction, simply call us at (+91) 83292 95771 or write to us at