Basic Tips for Telephonic Interviews

Small companies conduct telephone interviews or surveys to determine interest in new products or measure the customer satisfaction of existing products. Phone interview questions are used by employers to screen applicants and save time. The questions usually focus on salary expectations, qualifications, experience, and work history. Telephonic interviews got some limitations too. It is hard […]

Recruiting Freelancers

Freelancers are third-party contract employees like bookkeepers and graphic designers who perform various tasks for your business. Freelancers are an excellent option if you need qualified professionals without the costs, formalities, and tax implications of traditional employees. The most important steps of hiring a freelancer are selecting hiring websites and drafting effective job postings. Freelancing […]

Most Common Hiring Costs

If you’ve just set out on the journey to hire new employees, you may face some hard truths. Hiring is extremely complex and it takes a lot of skills, patience, time and money to find the right person to fill a position. There are many factors at play and it takes a lot of calculation […]

Why You Should Hire Interns More Often?

Your startup or growing company has a tight budget. You’re hoping to get a lot done but only have a few employees. Has the thought of hiring an intern — or several interns — ever crossed your mind? Interns provide companies with an array of perspectives and benefits they’ve likely never realized. One of the […]

Signs that Say – Fire Your Employee Right Now!!

No one should ever be surprised to be fired unless your company has fallen victim to a pirate-worthy hostile takeover. Getting fired should never come out of the blue for any employee. Every employee who is terminated should know it’s coming and be ready to take responsibility when it happens. No surprises allowed. No Respect […]

What is Person Specification?

A person specification describes the personal attributes desired in a potential employee. It is similar to a job description but more specific. These attributes include qualifications, skills, experience, and knowledge, and sometimes personal attributes that a candidate needs to possess in order to perform the job duties. The specification should be derived from the job […]

Hiring Full-Time Employee? Think about Working with Freelancers

Access to remote work has changed the definition of work and workplace dramatically. More and more people are working from home or off-site, and more and more people are working as consultants or contractors.  The rise of the freelance nation has largely been a win-win from both sides of the desk. Employers experience financial savings […]

Hire and Fire Policy – What does it REALLY mean?

For Hire and Fire Policy, two terms are crucial- ‘Employee’s Performance’ and ‘Need of Employer’. Employee’s Performance Perform or Perish. It means either you perform otherwise you will be fired from a job. In the modern era of ‘knowledge economies’ consumer awareness is an all-time high. Moreover, due to media, advertising, social media consumer is […]

Components of Salary Structure

The word ‘salary’ originates from the Latin word ‘salarium’. It was the quota of salt given to Roman soldiers in addition to their pay. When the officers found it cumbersome to transport and preserve the huge bulk of salt, they began offering a sum of money instead of the commodity. The money received was referred […]

40 is the new 30, orange is the new black, and HR is the new marketing

HR managers must look to develop future leaders from among the people they hire. To do this they need to create a culture that inspires value in prospective as well as existing employees. The main objective of the HR team is to portray the company as a great place to work and to increase awareness […]